The Pandemic
changed everything...

Like Many, From Day One of This Mess,
My Anxiety Shot up and That Was It.

My sleep pattern became erratic and I started waking up around 4am just about every morning, and funny enough, ready to go… Which did not make sense at all, considering I had not gone to bed until 11pm or so the night before.

Calculate it. I was working on what? 5 hours of sleep per night? If…

And in all honesty, that was only the tip of the iceberg…

So, after a few months of this ‘mess’, I decided it was time to take matters in hand, and come hell or high water…’things’ had to change. Period.

I mean, maybe 5 hours of sleep is good for some. But not for me. I don’t function well at that point, and as a result, my level of anxiety is even higher.

So, I had a choice. Loose my proverbial sanity (what was left of it at that point lol) or put on my big girl pants, and move forward.

I choose to move forward.

That’s when Design with a big D came back with a vengeance.

Yes Design. As in colors. Shapes. Forms. You name it…Something positive. Something vibrant.

You see, that’s always been my way out. From designing clothing/sewing, design interiors or creating websites, immersing myself in ‘design per se’ has always been…well….My world of calmness. My world of beauty. My world of positive.

It’s like catching your breath after a long run.

So yes. I went back to creating. Headphones. Music. Photoshop & PowerPoint and voila, and a few hours a day of undisturbed fantasy…

It’s my Sanity control.

It’s my Home away from Home…


My Name Is
Christiane Jechoux

'CJ' For Short

I’m a Web Accountability Partner / Mentor & WordPress Website Designer. I also offer my services as a Certified Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant with 16 years + of experience working as a successful online entrepreneur.

On a more personal side…

I’m an ‘Organizing’ Geek. Passionate Designer/Seamstress. Super Nerdy Ancient History buff. Super Woman stray cat & dog rescuer. Music lover, with a serious preference for Classical, Celtic, Jazz & R&B!

Find out more info about the different online services I offer at:

My Motto: Do It With Passion!


Who is Daisy & Jacob?

It’s a plan in the making.

It’s a fantasy that won’t let me be.

It’s something…That’s begging to be created.

A Digital Product website centered on Todo lists & Planners…and so much more…

Now not just everyday Todo lists & Planners…Nah…

Something with heart. Character.

That little something that makes you go…

Yep. I like. I like it a lot.

And… it’s on it’s way – for the end of January 2021.

OK – As you can read, obviously the above date DID NOT WORK!

What else is new! lol

So, let’s change this to ‘Opening Soon’…

Because yes, we all know how life has its own little surprises…!