How to Keep your Food Pantry Organized

When you open the door of your food pantry and kitchen cabinets, what do you see? Can you locate what you need or do you have to lift and shift things first?

You know what I mean…“I have it all…but where?”

Boxes, bags, trays, cans and jars seem to leap out at you from every shelf but you still can’t find what you are looking for. By the time you are done, a dozen things have already slipped to the floor. And surprise, surprise, there are even a few things in the pantry…that were put there in the spur of the moment but don’t really belong there!

You see, the key to a well-stocked pantry is to know where everything is and (I know this is an obvious) being to find it…easily!

Another point, how many times have you reached for an item in your pantry or freezer, only to find its way over the due date or better yet, freezer burn.

This is food waste and it is costing you money. Here are a few tips below that will help you out in keeping it all together…and stop the waste.

6 Tips for Organizing your Food Pantry

Clean it out first – Whatever you have in there, pull it all out and examine it carefully. Check for expiration dates and sealed packages. One way to avoid food waste is to rotate your stock. Keep foods that are going to expire within six months to a year in front of the rest.

Invest in storage items – Plastic containers were made for stocking a pantry. Dry ingredients don’t usually come in resealable packages (i.e., sugar, flour). Store them in plastic containers to save on space as well as keep them fresh. Include a scoop for easy dispensing. This method works well for dry cereals, pastas and beans as well.

Label everything – What’s in that plastic container and when does it expire? If you don’t know, that could spell trouble. Labeling plastic containers with item name and expiration can save a lot of bother and headache.

Organize your shelves – Designate an area for each kind of item. For example, place baking items on one shelf. In a second, you can see the flour, sugar and baking chocolate. Keep snacks together on lower shelves for kids to grab without disturbing other things. Place glass jars at eye level but out of reach of small hands. On higher shelves, place boxes sideways for ease of identification and retrieval.

Keep much used items within reach – For foods that you use often, make sure they are within reach and not stuck behind something else.

Try single serving containers – This works well for items that come in multiple use boxes and bags. Kids can grab a container and snack instead of grabbing the entire box and sticking their hands in. it will also be easier to tell when you are running low and need to restock.

An organized pantry serves many purposes for you and your family.

6 Benefits of Plastic Food Storage Containers

Economical – The overabundance of manufacturers of these storage containers means that you get them for a lower price. Stock up with what you need for your home.

Variety – Depending on your needs, there are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Many contain measurements so you can store items in single or multiple servings. Sealing lids make them ideal for refrigeration as well as freezing foods for a later date. They don’t allow bacteria to enter while keeping air circulating around the food for proper cooling.

Convenience – These containers are great for lunch boxes for you and the kids, freezing and heating in the microwave. The locking lids prevent spillage in lunch bags and refrigerators.

Reusable – Simply wash them and they are ready for another round of ingredients. Many are dishwasher safe making it even simpler to get them ready for their next use.

Easy to label – The surface of most plastic food storage container lids includes a space designed for a label or the use of a marker. Write the name of the dish and the date on your lid so that you can quickly see what you are grabbing out of the fridge or freezer.

Transparent – Whether you are storing food in the fridge or cereal in the pantry, plastic containers allow you to see what is inside without having to guess. You can also see how much of a certain food is left without opening the lid.

And voila – Easy to organize and easy to find!

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